EntrepreneuriaL HERITAGE

Our roots date back to a Mayfair-based family office with global and diverse interests. We invested, scaled up, divested and institutionalised family firms, including our own.  We capitalise entrepreneurial leaders to become national champions and international players. 



The Tickethour/Ticketmaster Deal

Omiros was the deal architect to Tickethour where George acted as Chairman and co-Founder. They worked together to structure, position and sell the business to Ticketmaster/Live Nation (NYSE:LYV). This was a full cross-border exit to the No1 player in the sector and a landmark transaction for the under-valued Hellenic ecosystem. The deal made phenomenal returns to the investor/owner and proved that money will be made (despite all macro economic factors) when one applies discipline and sounds economic fundamentals.

Brookstreet Equity Partners LLP


Following their deal, Omiros and George returned to 42 Brook Street (where they first met) to set up their firm.

The Mayfair-based family investment office evolved to become Brookstreet Equity Partners. The group expanded rapidly with global interests in Europe and USA, and advanced as an FCA-registered investor.  

Brook Street is the home of the 1st Greek Citizen (Ambassador) to the Court of St James and the birth place of Brookstreet  Equity Partners and well as the London-landmark of Hellenic Diaspora.  


Brook Street W1

51 Upper Brook Street.jpg

Greek Embassy

A Greek embassy in London was established shortly after Greek Independence in 1828 and was formerly located at 51 Upper Brook Street in Mayfair.  

In 1975 the embassy moved to Holland Park with the Mayfair building remaining as the Greek Ambassador's Residence to the Court of St James until today.  

Seferis Heritage.jpeg

George Seferis

Seferis was one of the most important Greek poets of the 20th century, and a Nobel laureate. He was a career diplomat in the Greek Foreign Service, culminating in his appointment as Ambassador to the UK, a post which he held from 1957 to 1962 at Upper Brook Street. 



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