Brookstreet backs Industry 4.0 Firm GRobotics


Brookstreet Equity Partners (“Brookstreet”) backs Industry 4.0, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence firm Gizelis Robotics.  The deal blends the financial expertise and commercial support of Brookstreet, with the exponential growth of the Industry 4.0 automation market and the Scale Up opportunity of Gizelis Robotics. 

Gizelis Robotics (“GRobotics”) was established in order to offer state-of-the-art automation solutions to the Industry 4.0 market (estimated to reach $150+ billion by 2022), with vertical applications in Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Food Construction, Chemical and Logistic Industries.  The Company has an impressive clientele with some of the leading names in the region. GRobotics spearheads a national Robo-Exhibition at its HQ, which in 2018 had 180 companies in attendance (next one, November 30th2019).  The firm is lead by Evangelos Gizelis (CEO) and the R&D expertise of Panagiotis Lagios (CTO).  

Gizelis Robotics’ CEO, Evagelos Gizelis, stated:

“Our holistic approach for Robotics and Systems Automations offers a true competitive advantage.  No matter the complexity of our client’s manual processes, we can design and tailor a comprehensive manufacturing Industry 4.0 solution to give them a future-proofed edge in the market.  We partner with Brookstreet to scale up our business and realise our potential”.

Brookstreet’s Managing Partner (CEO), Omiros Sarikas stated:

"Gizelis Robotics (GRobotics) is a Robotics and Artificial-Intelligence (AI) implementor and integrator at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 revolution.  The Gizelis family are multi-generation industrialists and have deep understanding of global technologies, local applications and pragmatic market requirements. We are excited about the potential of GRobotics, which grew 400% year to date, as a national champion and global player under the leadership of Evangelos and technical excellence of Panagiotis”. 

Brooksteet is a London-based investment group supporting companies which experience transformational growth.  Its mission is to be the leading investor and partner for innovative, high-growth, small-cap “out-performers”.  Brookstreet’s Awards for 2018 & 2019 include Niche PE House of the Year, GameChanger of the Year and Innovative PEVC Fund Manager of the Year.  Brookstreet is a DraxFuture40 fund manager that helps shape the future of Europe. 


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