benefits for your business


Brookstreet is a private equity (PE) investor and partner which works with owners and managers to increase value.

  • PE blends the financial expertise of the investors and the operational expertise of dynamic CEOs.

  • PE actively supports international growth, professional governance and modern processes.

  • PE is a proven model for sustainable business development and scaling of small-cap SME firms.


  • Get support from professional experts and entrepreneurs with international experience.

  • Get "two bites of the cherry" (value on the entry and again on the exit of our investment).

  • Cash out (years of profits in advance), reduce uncertainty, enhance capital base and strategic decisions.

  • Multiply the value of your investment to gain significant scale and realise its potential.

  • Preserve heritage succession and firm longevity against competition.


  • Equity uplift for managers, with professional remuneration for advisors and a secure base for employees.

  • Institutionalise small cap SME-businesses using modern, best-in-class business methods.

  • Professional governance - vision, mission, strategy, structures and lines of communication.


  • Anglo-Saxon partners, systems, suppliers and legal framework which strengthen international trade.

  • Financial and commercial experience for market expansion, JVs, restructuring, acquisitions, IPO or Trade Exit.

  • Gain a clear competitive advantage and superior returns beyond national borders and restrictions.

Brookstreet Equity Partners LLP UK is an EuVECA Manager and Member of the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA). Registered and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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